to help fight the bacteria that cause bladder infections like UTIs.

Although bacteria is what causes bladder infections, knowing what causes the bacteria is important!

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For some men, enlarged glands of prostrate can cause bladder infection. Stones in the kidney can affect the bladder causing infection. Sometimes, the size of the urethra may get narrowed due to some reason, which can trigger infection.

Now, let us move to the main topic we mean to talk about today, and is what causes bladder infections?

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2. There are some physical conditions that are causes of bladder infections. For example, those who suffer from kidney stones are quite likely to have recurrent bladder infections. This is due to the blocking of the urethral tract by these stones. The tract becomes inflamed and bacteria can start the infection.

Now, let us move to the main topic we mean to talk about today, and is what causes bladder infections?

Unlike women, men will have some underlying disease that causes bladder infection. Some people believe that boys who are not circumcised in young age are prone to bladder infection. Whenever they have sex, chances are there for the bacteria to collect under the skin of the penile area causing infection on the bladder.

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties to help fight the bacteria that cause bladder infections like UTIs.

Other conditions that may predispose patients to a UTI include paralysis due to the fact that the bladder cannot empty fully. Women undergoing menopause often have a similar problem that leads to a UTI. Other physical causes of bladder infections include suppressed immune systems that can leave a patient vulnerable for contracting a bladder infection.Bacteria that enter through the urethra andtravel into the bladder cause bladder infections. Normally, the body removesthe bacteria by flushing them out during urination. Men have added protectionwith the prostate gland, which secretes protective hormones as a safeguardagainst bacteria. Still, sometimes bacteria can attach to the walls of thebladder and multiply quickly. This overwhelms the body’s ability to destroythem, resulting in a bladder infection.When this bacterial balance is altered the bad bacteria can enter the urethra and the bladder and cause a bladder infection or urinary tract infection. The altering of this bacterial environment can also cause a vaginal yeast infection. The infections that affect the bladder are also named with another term and it is; cystitis. This is only one type of the urinary tract infection and it is considered the most common one of all its types. In most of the cases, it affects the women. There are two kinds of the infections of the bladder, The two kinds are; complicated infection and simple infection of the bladder. Yet, we shall know what causes bladder infections, either it is simple of complicated for more understanding and more awareness.So, what is the best way to help to prevent this trouble? It is simply through knowing what cause bladder infections and stop it. that is why I have specified this article to talk about this topic. Take this chance to be aware of what causes bladder infections through this article.Anyways, let us move to talk about the general infections. Let’s talk about what causes bladder infections in general. Those causes you should take them into consideration always and remember them. That is how you can be very aware of the problem and avoiding it from the very beginning. To prevent an infection is to prevent its causes. Here are the causes well explained and understood to help you recognize them and avoid them.When a woman has sex, she increases the risk of developing the bladder infections. The sexual intercourse causes this urethra to get closer to the bladder and so on causing the infection. That is a very simple answer to the question of what causes bladder infections. The very simple and normal thing we do such as wiping the urine with moving the toilet tissue from the back to the front causes the infection. It helps to transport the bacteria from the urethra to the bladder. That is why women are always recommended to wipe from the opposite direction; from the front to the back.The bacteria can be the main reason and cause that create the infection. But, there are other ways and methods which are considered among what causes bladder infections.IMPORTANT: Every person's body is different, and their own causes of bladder infections will vary, both of these things meaning that your own bladder infection home remedy regimen will likely need to vary, too. I've shared what I've found works best for me, but I'll also share other recommendations to support you in finding your own healing regime.Now that we've looked at what causes bladder infections and some ways to prevent them, let's look at the home remedies that work to support your body through them.