Good Stuff Coffee partners with Doing Good Works / Cause Kups

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Cause Kups – 200 Cups Brochure Insert

As the campaign rolls out across social media, business owners and managers will be asked to record and post a short video stating that they have just committed to purchasing Cause Kups coffee, and challenge by name three other individuals who are decision-makers at their respective companies to accept the challenge and sign up within 48 hours of being challenged.

Cause Kups Tiller Days Specials

Lyoness & Cause Kups | Partnering to do GOOD!

Vital Link and Doing Good Works partner together to offer Cause Kups coffee to local businesses and the public to help Students and Emancipated Foster Youth explore, discover and connect to their Dream Career!

Regardless of which brands you buy, 10% of your total Good Stuff Coffee purchase is donated to Cause Kups, a division of Doing Good Works, LLC, a Benefit corp.

At Good Stuff Coffee, we’ve partnered with the Cause Kups division of Doing Good Works to help foster kids that age out of the system by creating jobs for them, employing and paying them, helping with their transportation issues and costs, and helping them transition into careers so they become permanently independent and never end up on the streets or in jail – and we do it through great-tasting, premium quality coffee.

Cause Cups - Good Coffee with a Great Cause