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Cause List - Welcome to High Court of Delhi

Complete List of Advocates/Firms registered with Sindh Bar Council (SBC) may be seen at >, > or visit >. All the Advocates/Firms are requested to get their new Registration No. (like ADVO-123-SBC-KHI) from the I.T. Department of Sindh High Court, Karachi to ensure their case fixation in the Cause Lists.

Cause List

Cause List - Welcome to High Court of Sindh


Causelists are scheduling of cases to be heard by the courts on following day. The Causelists of Supreme Court and all 21 High Courts are available on NIC Web Servers. As the Supreme Court of India and all the High Courts and their Benches are fully computerised, all these courts generate Daily and Weekly Causelists through the available ICT facilities. This is a near time critical application in all the Courts.


1. Advocates can generate their own Causelists
consisting of his/her own cases.
2. Retrieval through the name of either petitioner or respondent is possible.
3. Court wise list can be generated.
4. Judge wise list can be prepared.
5. Entire Causelist can be printed, if required.
6. Case no. wise access is possible.

Causelists Causelists are scheduling of cases to be heard by the courts on following day

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