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Disclosure: I am a Sevenly CAUSEBOX Brand Ambassador and I was provided with the Sevenly CAUSEBOX to review. I was not compensated for this article. All opinions are my own.

I am looking forward to the spring CAUSEBOX and will post the contents when it arrives.

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If your mouths aren’t watering already, we promise they will be once you try these recipes! We’re still dreaming of these amazing dishes and we can’t wait to hear all about your cooking with aCanela’s Shashi: India Spice blend. You can also visit for a few more recipes you can make with the Shashi:India Spice Blend in the Spring CAUSEBOX. Good luck :)

The Urbana Sac I received in my fall CAUSEBOX is perfect for fall farmer’s market finds!

For every jar sold of Good Spread Peanut Butter, a packet of ready-to-use therapeutic food will be donated to children suffering from malnutrition. Also, the palm oil used in the peanut butter is, of course, sustainable. And having just visited the , I’m extremely sensitive to issues surrounding palm oil. This is something I’ll continue to buy, because it’s really tasty!

Q: What was the inspiration behind CAUSEBOX? Was there a certain experience that inspired it?

I wrote about my new subscription box order awhile ago and you can find the whole introduction to this Causebox . I received my back in December but didn’t have the opportunity to write about my box until now. This is the first subscription box that I’ve found that not only offers products that I’m looking for but also at an affordable rate. The best part about this box is that I get to try out different products from brands that I either know about and haven’t had the opportunity to purchase from because of the price or from brands that are new to me.For my birthday I got the Fall 2016 Causebox. I'll give you a quick lo-down on some of the conscious items inside and which one was my favourite!Causebox is a collection of socially conscious gifts from various ethical brands all neatly packaged into one petite little box. A box is prepared quarterly, one for each season: winter, spring, summer and fall. The products inside a Causebox are carefully chosen and represent various companies involved in changing our world for the better by helping provide jobs, education, food, clean water and other great forms of social good. has recently joined up with Causebox. They create beautiful thank you cards that promote an attitude of gratitude. Gratefulness is something these guys are really passionate about and all their inspiring cards are made with the goal of promoting this aura of thankfulness and gratitude.The first thing I noticed and was so excited for was the scarf. I’ve been dying to buy one of these scarves, I just haven’t committed to it because it’s difficult for me to spend more than twenty dollars on something like a scarf. It was handmade in Ethiopia ad named after one of the women who helped to create it. FashionABLE is a business that is not only sustainable but also immediately impacts the women working with them. The scarf is beautiful but it is very lightweight, not a scarf I would typically wear in winter. I tried matching it to my winter wardrobe but was having a tough time because it just feels like a spring/summer scarf. I love it, I just might wait a few months before wearing it out. The retail value is $32.There are hundreds of monthly subscription boxes on the market. It sounds like a good idea. Pay a nominal monthly fee and receive a box of hand-selected, curated items in a monthly subscription. However, the reality is often quite different from the picture painted online. No worries though, I’m here to help you wade through the chaos and find the best subscription boxes on the market. This is the first of a select handful of monthly boxes that I’m sharing this holiday season. Each selected for their quality and uniqueness. I love the CAUSEBOX subscription box for many reasons and hope you will as well. was perhaps m favourite item in the Fall 2016 Causebox mainly because of how creative the item is! This wee little fish has been created to tackle the issue of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency currently affects nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide.  Just one of these little fishies can provide a family with up to 90% of the recommended daily intake for 5 years. You just simply need to cook with it. All you need to do is boil the little fish in 1 litre of water/broth for about 10 minutes. Remove the fish and then continuing cooking! Its pretty easy. Lucky Iron Fish is dedicated to creating a world without iron deficiency and it is their mission to put one of these littles fishes in every pot.When I went through my box I was so excited that I had something from a company that I haven’t heard of yet. This is a Thank You Card Set, Sealing Wax and Wax Press from I received about five different thank you cards and a full size was press and sealing wax which would typically cost you $43. Gramr Gratitude Co believes in sharing gratitude and thanking people in a more personal way rather than sending a facebook message. Not only does it feel great to do something for someone else but that person you are thanking would never expect a thank you like this. Small things can brighten someones day and these thank you cards are perfect for this. The cards are 100% sustainable, made with soy ink, 10 cents per card is donated, and they are all made in America supporting American jobs. I’m glad that Sevenly included something in the Causebox that I could do for someone else. Welcome to the CAUSEBOX family :) In each box, you will receive 5-8 of our favorite seasonal lifestyle products from different brands that are focused on ethical and sustainable production, donate a percent of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others. It is basically “goodness" in a box. Sometimes we collaborate with up-and-coming brands to create exclusive products for CAUSEBOX members, and sometimes we include fun extras that we make ourselves. Our aim with each box is to curate a selection of products that are meaningful, inspiring, and uplifting — which encourage you to be your best self, and introduce you to companies and communities that are making a difference in our world. This is a membership that matters — and the CAUSEBOX community is one that you will be proud to be a part of.CAUSEBOX is the gift that keeps giving. It’s an amazing deal, and it’s full of products that you’ll feel amazing about owning, because everything inside has a purpose, is produced ethically, and gives back — like these cards from Gramr Gratitude Co. which